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Start-up all inclusive package (pickles & chutney)

Pickle & chutney all inclusive analysis

All inclusive package assessing the viability of your pickle or chutney for retail:
£420.00 per sample (£504.00 including VAT)

This package has been specially devised to meet the analytical and consultative needs of most pickle & chutney start-ups and includes:

Technical brief (1 product):
Written technical brief on likely hazards and safety considerations relating to product /s(up to 400 words- Bullet points)

Nutritional analysis (1 product):
Energy Values, Protein, Carbohydrate (of which sugars), Fat (of which saturates), Sodium, Dietary Fibre.

Microbiological Analysis (1 product):
Total count, Coliforms, E coli, Staph aureus, Mould and Yeast, Salmonella and Listeria.

Shelf life (1 product):
Product stored as required / needed.
Microbiological is Analysis (As in 3) is repeated at middle and end of anticipated shelf life. This enables confirmation of microbiological safety throughout shelf life.

Intrinsic preservation factors (1 product):
Analyse Presevation and Stability Indicies. Involves: Solids, Sugar, Salt, Ph, Volatile acidity.

Intrinsic safety parameters:
Measure water activity of dried products. Low water activity confers a “hurdle” against microbial spoilage.
Measure pH. Low pH confers a “hurdle” against growth of certain food poisoning organisms.

Telephone consultation:
Discussion / consultation on technical aspects. First 15min included, standard rate thereafter.


Useful information:

  • Simply order online and we'll email you a sample submission form with full instructions on how to submit your product sample for analysis.
  • Turnaround is 12 - 14 working days. (Shelf-life analysis is longer)
  • Discounts available for multiple samples and or contract analysis.

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