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LIMS - Laboratory Infomation Management System

food testing - LIMSFoodtest have developed a cost effective LIMS (laboratory information management system) that can be modified to suit your own laboratories individual requirements.

Our solution can be implemented at up 50% less than competing solutions, and offers a host of modifiable LIMS features that can be modified for managing your own laboratory data.

The Foodtest LIMS system is currently in use across a range of UK laboratories (including the Foodtest Laboratories Ltd site) and is under ongoing development in line with food industry trends.

LIMS Pricing:
The price of the Foodtest LIMS system depends entirely on the scale and requirements of your project. List price for a basic single license outright purchase starts at £2500 plus consultancy, development & support outside the scope of the current software. Leased packages can be purchased from just £250.00 per month (36mth contract).

Foodtest LIMS Features:
» User friendly & intuitive input forms
» Easier retrieval of historic information
» Automate repetitive tasks including management reports
» Reduce administration and paperwork

Our system can be tailored to meet your individual needs and allows automation of:

» Laboratory Management: Book-in samples, Automate work-sheets, results input, reporting, trend-analysis
» Specifications: Store spec information, amend easily, and print on demand
» Recipe Control: Input ingredients, set-up recipe, compute ingredient listing, compute nutrition information, integrate with specification
» Traceability: Automate ingredient inventory, integrate with recipe and production batches. demonstrate traceability of specific eg: Organic or Non GM ingredients

Foodtest Laboratories provides range of LIMS that can be tailored to meet your own requirements. Contact Foodtest Laboratories today for your no obligation LIMS quote »

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